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Training of Professional Students 

TOPS is a training organisation providing work based training to professional students.  TOPS is run by experienced Chartered Accountants (ICAEW) and Chartered Certified Accountants trained with Big 4 and top 10 firms in London.

Professional students in the current climate have technical ability but lack practical experience and vital software skills. We are all aware that employers look for practical experience as well as technical ability in staff hence TOPS have developed a workshop to provide students with high standard of practical accountancy experience.

The workshops have been designed by highly qualified and experienced chartered accountants currently working in commerce and industry and public practice. This workshop will provide students with the absolute vital skills required for accountancy professionals so they can find employment or even develop in their current roles.

Course Commencement 

We have successfully completed courses in January and Februray. The next course will commence in June 2011, please enroll as soon as possible.

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June 11 - Workshops




Course Description

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Essential financial accounting workshop- EFA







Tops London is now joined by Accounts House Chartered Certified Accountants to provide practical accountancy training to professional students. (see www.accountshouse.co.uk )