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Training of Professional Students 

About the workshop:

Students find it difficult in securing employment within the accountancy profession not because they lack the academic knowledge but the lack of experience.

We at TOPS were in a similar situation few years back when we wanted to secure professional careers and were experiencing these hurdles. After overcoming these challenges and becoming successful finance professionals we realised that by providing sound guidance and support to students they can achieve and excel in their careers.

Our aim is to develop finance professionals of the future.

After Training Support  

On the completion of training:

  • Job references will be provided by 'Tops London' and 'Accounts House' Chartered Certified Accountants.
  • Certificate will be awarded.
  • Tops London will provide help with your CV.

 The Workshop

The TOPS faculty have developed a comprehensive set of workshops. These comprise of an:

a) Essential financial accounting; and

      b) Top up workshops 

The Essential Workshop:

The essential financial accounting workshop is a 5 day intensive programme. The main scope of the workshop is to provide professionals with an in depth experience of how financial accounting is conducted in a working environment.

This essential workshop will comprise of a case study based on a real life scenario of a UK business. Students will learn  how to manage a UK business from a financial accounting prospective. The 5 days have been broken down as follows:

DAY 1 – Introduction of the case study and Sales Ledger 

Students will be given a full briefing as they would  receive from a manager in a professional environment on the financial background of the client and its financial reporting requirements.  

Each student will be provided with a laptop with SAGE LINE 50 and IRIS Accounts production installed. Client will be setup by Students themselves on SAGE and the clients sales ledger records will be prepared by posting the sales invoices.

DAY 2 – Purchase Ledger

The clients suppliers will be created on SAGE and purchase invoices will be posted on the system.

DAY 3 – Bank reconciliation

The Clients bank accounts will be set up on SAGE by students. Transactions will be posted on the system before moving on to preparing the bank reconciliation. This will also comprise of clearing supplier and customer balances, transfers between accounts and other transactions.

DAY 4 – Preparation of Quarterly VAT returns and introduction to IRIS Production

Sales and purchase ledger reports will be extracted from SAGE and students will prepare quarterly VAT returns and will have the opportunity to fill the VAT form for submission to HM Revenue and Customs.

Students in the second half of the session will extract the trial balance from SAGE before coding and posting on IRIS Accounts Production.

DAY 5 – Accounts production and review of work

Students will prepare final accounts supported by lead schedules and will agree balances to the supporting documentation. This will involve posting accruals, prepayments and other journals.

TOP up workshop:

SAGE Payroll workshop – SP

Students will prepare payroll for a UK Business. This will involve setting up the client on SAGE, updating employee records and executing the payroll. All the tax requirements will also be explained this will comprise of preparing and completion of tax forms such as P60, P45 and annual P35 return.

IRIS Personal and Corporation tax- IPCT

This workshop will be a comprehensive practical experience for professionals into the process of preparing and filing tax returns. Students will prepare the personal and corporation tax returns on IRIS.    

Microsoft Excel – Book Keeping

Microsoft excel is widely used tool in organizations. This workshop will comprise of preparing sales day book, purchase day book and bank reconciliation on Microsoft Excel.

Career Evenings 

TOPS have arranged Career evenings for its students with top professionals working with Big 4, investment banks and small accountancy practices. Students will get the opportunity to share their experiences and obtain career advice. These will take place over the essential accounting workshop.

The workshops are rigorous and intellectually challenging. They are designed to offer students the profile of a professional accountant. It also complements existing qualifications and contributes towards developing higher level analytical skills.’ Hammad Jahangir
ACA, Assistant manager,
Ernst and Young London.